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back to homepage | FOR AWIT GRACE or to any staff who is task about  info gathering related to Kanlungan.

      Good day, how I wish I'm at Manila while I'm doing the designing of this page so you and the Staff can have live update of the contents as well as adding of pictures to your desired page. You can browse all the pages by now. If you happen to find dead pages or links, or if you want to add additional pages, or want to update with pictures, just tell me anytime. I have put below few questions/ inquiries so you can have better understanding of this page content, and how we can patch up things to make this page truly dynamic.
  • How Often this page will be updated?
    As often as I am available, or as the urgency requires, so you can send me related information for update any time. If you want it monthly, or weekly, it's up to you. As soon as you have reports to add, you can, or if you have advance information to be posted, you can, at anytime.
  • How to  send pictures or update info to the webservant?
    You can have it by mail at your convenient, though it cost, I think a week for me to have it. You can send any information to:
    Marlowe E. Llorito
    Univ. of Southern Mindanao-Kidapawan City Campus
    Kidapawan City 9400

    Better if the information were already encoded (pref. in Word document, 'doc or .txt') and the pictures already scanned, just send them all to my email address, pictures attached with captions to:
    or to:

  • About the ContactUs page.
    When anybody reach the Contact Page, your address is exposed to them so they can contact you either by mail or e-mail. When they sign into the Contact Form, they are making interaction with you about any topic related to the ministry. Topics I added vary depending on your need, including a need for me to carry future improvements to the site. The information they might send is automatically generated to your new email address []. Try to open them from time to time and if possible, reply to their message, will it be either comments, suggestions, whatsoever, even good or bad for the benefit of the ministry. I will send the password later on. We will share the same password, if you please, so if the comments is related to me as the Webservant, I can answers them by myself; if it is related to ministry, you can answer them.

  • Why Webservant?
    Customarily, the term applied to the person primarily tasked to carry improvements in the site is a WEBMASTER, that is because, he is the master of the pages and everything added to it. I want to quote "MASTER" as the term worthy  for our Lord, because He is the Master of all, and I am only His servant, tasked to do His ministry, thus the term "Webservant" is.

  • Where do I login for our new E-mail address?
    The new E-mail address, is generated in the Webservant's free e-mail service. In fact, anybody can visit the site for a unique email experience To visit, click here. However, for the convenient of this site, look for the word, which says, "Email Check here" from this site homepage.

  • What else?
    I don't know what's next. Let's just put everything in prayer and thanksgiving. Praise the Lord.

    In His Service, MARS.